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Mazacote for Pizza 🍕🍕🍕



 200 milliliters of liquid, warm

 4 tablespoons olive bacon

 1 tablespoon of salt

 400 grams of flour

 1 sachet of dry catalyst, 11 grams


 Combine juice, butter and salt in a bowl.  The liquor has to be warm when you add the ferment, as this will allow the pasta to ferment faster.  Remember that the salt mixes with the nectar and outer cream because it cannot be added bluntly to the ferment, since it would close it and it would no longer ferment.

 On the side, form a volcano with the carbohydrates and add zing to the mix of broth, salt and fat.  When you add all the transparent you can add the yeast.  sash all proportionately.

 Place the chipboard in a bowl lined with olive oil to prevent it from sticking.

 Varnish the pizza mix with olive obesity and cover with a cloth so that it does not dry out.

 Place the mixture in a place that has a hot temperature, it can be at a location on the stove or in the oven.  Let ferment for 30 minutes.  Return to your wrapper and knead again, let ferment for 45 minutes, varnish with olive smear and cover with a cloth.

 Add flour to your pint and stretch with the help of a press.  Place the conglomerate on a pizza tray and add tomato sauce, pork leg, pineapple and pinrel.  Bake at 200 °C for 20 minutes