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Soft Butter Cake💝💝

 INGREDIENTS for 10 people

4 eggs

250g of butter

the same weight in flour

the same weight in sugar

PREPARATION of the butter cake (Pound Cake)

Beat the sugar and butter with the stick mixer. You can do it by hand but you have to be patient. You have to wait for the mixture to be white and foamy.

At that point we add the eggs one by one without stopping to beat. We integrate the eggs well and then add the next. The mixture should be voluminous and airy.

Then add the sifted flour. Mix from bottom to top gently until the dough is well mixed, smooth and without lumps.

We can now take the mixture to a mold greased with butter and flour (you can also put parchment paper, because it tends to stick). Bake at 190º C for 40 minutes or until golden and well done inside.

Unmold cold and cut into slices. It's better from one day to the next.